Does your text need an extra set of eyes? If you are publishing in English, I can help. I am a member of Editors Canada and follow its Professional Editorial Standards. My goal as a copy editor and proofreader is to eliminate errors, clarify the writing, and make sure that everyone who reads your text can understand it.
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Copy Editing and Proofreading Services

Copy Editing and Proofreading Services
Polishing your work for your audience includes editing and restructuring text to ensure flow, clarity, consistency, and comprehension. Proofreading checks for errors, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


After proofreading and copy editing, you Will receive a "clean" copy that is ready for use, and a Track Changes copy with all edits and comments saved.

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Business Website Academic

• Reports, presentations, manuals, guides, product and service descriptions


  • Web page copy, social media and blog posts, newsletters, online content, e-books


• Essays, theses, reports, dissertations, personal statements, manuscripts, journal articles

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Linguistic Validation

Linguistic Validation: Life Sciences and Clinical Research
• Translation and back-translation from Spanish into English
• Review existing, source and target files
• eCOA proofreading, editing, and screenshot review between English variants
• Review key texts and placement (scale anchors, response sets, checkboxes, etc.)
• Review formatting for layout, missing text, bold, underlining, italics, CAPS, headers/footers, etc.
• Check for spelling, typographical, or grammatical errors
• Check for inconsistencies within the text (grammar, terminology, register)